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The fast way to browser based applications

Tyax is the best and most modern tool you can find  for building browser based, and cloud based web applications

Implement your business processes with one integrated tool,  using not only advanced technical features, but also our state of the art Application Standard Entity Model.  A fundament for self service web sites, that respects external users as full users, who you can provide with wide ranging functionality. A fundament that contains semantical entities like Organisations, Cases, Managed Objects, formal transactions, integrated with financial aspects. 

Tyax contains out of the box essential functionality like  user management, document management, document generation, work flow,  messaging, automatic authentication and far more.  Tyax contains a large number of simple to use standard interfaces to and from other applications.   You can connect Tyax to everything 

Tyax is daily used by large and small organisations, for critical tasks.  They demanded desktop like functionality within a browser, and above all: performance. And we delivered. 

You do not have to program any more, just select components, and set the parameters. Powerful parameters that  allow you to create the business application you need.

Allowing you to create the fully integrated Business Application your organisation deserves, in full control. In a standardized way, agile, together with your users. 


Standard Entity model

We are very proud Tyax now contains a Standard Entity Model, with a small footprint.  Allowing to use Tyax for all applications in your organisation, achieving our dream of one integrated solutions for all administrative processes in an organisation.   With Basic Entities Actor, Managed Objects, Messages, Cases, Tasks and Formalisations and
domain pametrising is the ultimate solution for standardizing in your organisation on one common model. Fully integrated in the Tyax Technology.

 Productivity Improvements

Using feed back of our partners we improved further your productivity in Tyax Studio. 

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